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websites for tradespeople & small businesses

We offer a straight forward website design service that removes all worry, hassle and concerns you may have in obtaining an online presence to promote, improve and secure your future earnings.

Our services are tailored to tradespeople & small businesses such as... Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, Decorators, Counsellors, Gardeners, Domestic Cleaners, Beauticians, Pet Groomers etc.

A well designed website advertises your business 24/7, demonstrating how professional you are and showing a quality of services that potential customers are looking for.

Do You Need A Website?

When asked 'why don't you have a website?' Most traders say...

  • You are here! So you are already much closer to promoting your services online and getting in front of more prospective customers to help secure your future.

    A website works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week

  • We keep things straightforward and avoid web designer jargon!

    By focusing on tradespeople & small businesses we can keep our pricing transparent & competitively low

    There are example website layouts to browse through which accommodate the majority of trades & small business requirements

  • It's great if you have an excellent reputation and word of mouth works well for you, but it certainly does no harm to allow people to see just how good you are, what you have to offer and what they can expect from you.

    A well-presented looking website can demonstrate that you are a friendly professional outfit, that provides a quality service and in turn gain that all important initial level of trust most people want before visiting or inviting a stranger into their home.

    Nearly everyone has a smart phone today and most reach for it to answer practically any problem or need. With web browsing at an all-time high it has never been more important to have an internet presence and avoid losing future work to other businesses who promote themselves better than you.

  • Start with a little research, check out what other businesses are doing both locally and nationwide. Do you have any internet presence at all? 'Google' your business name to see what shows up. More importantly put yourself in the place of a customer and search your coverage area for any business doing what you do and measure yourself against them. How easy are you to find? You can't always guarantee the top spot in any listing but you can improve your chances of rating high in them and convincing prospective customers with a well-designed website.

    Decide the key services and important messages you want to portray about your business and ways you can reassure any prospective customer that you are the right choice for them.

    Determine how you are going to move forward. You may be good with computers and confident in creating your own website. If not research web designers, see what they offer, how they work and their prices.

Example Websites

Example layouts are provided to give you an idea of typical content & features used by tradespeople & small businesses. There are no set design layouts and we always aim to achieve an individual look and feel for your business.

You may already have a clear idea of what you want, perhaps you have identified websites elsewhere which you would like a similar feel to. Either way we are flexible and we will provide a solution to best suit your requirements.

Example Customer Sites


By focusing on tradespeople & small businesses we can keep our pricing transparent & competitive.

Responsive Website

A responsive website simply means that it can be viewed attractively on smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.

If you have a smart phone you will have likely viewed non 'responsive' sites where you cannot clearly see the content and need to zoom in and out to select items.

Many search engines now evaluate the 'Responsive' ability of sites and score them low in search results if they are poor.

ALL Our Sites are Responsive.

SSL certificate

SSL is a protocol that ensures a person’s data remains private while they use the internet. It does this by encrypting any data that is passed between the server and browser.

SIMPLY PUT, it prevents rogues from intercepting any data that your customer shares.

With browsers now highlighting the fact that a site is Not Secure without an SSL certificate, it has become a must have in order to gain the trust of anyone visiting your site.

ALL Our Sites are provided with SSL.

How It Works

Simple step guide to creating your website

  • From your first enquiry we will look at how strong your web presence is, see what your local competitors are doing and determine how to improve and increase your rankings and prospective customer base.

  • View our example websites and see if there are any designs, content & features which you like. There are no set design layouts and we always aim to achieve an individual look and feel for your business.


    You may see websites elsewhere that you would like us to recreate a similar feel from.

  • The content for your site will be determined from a short ‘Question & Content’ form which will help us gather details about your business

    You will also be invited to provide us with any imagery you want to show (e.g. Logos, photographs).

    If you have a logo great! Provide us with your best quality image and it can be incorporated. Alternatively we can discuss how we present your business name, written text logo like this website 'LocalTradesperson' may suffice or we can offer a logo design service.

    Your site will then be developed, letting you review it at apropriate stages before it goes live.

  • A domain name is simply your website address (e.g. You may have a domain name already, if not we can discuss your requirements and we can obtain and manage one for you.

  • Once happy with your new website it will go live and every effort will be made to ensure you rank as high as possible in search engine results (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.).

    There maybe a few measures you need to take personally to ensure your business gets the absolute best exposure, such as updating details anywhere you have already registered your business with your new website address (e.g. google, yell, facebook, instagram etc).

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